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Please welcome Scott Span to the Gay Coaches Alliance

July President's Message from Tim Kincaid

This is my first month as an official member of GCA! A quick intro.

Iā€™m a leadership coach and transformational consultant at Tolero Solutions, my own coaching and consulting practice. I believe that people are the greatest asset to any organization and that happy employees make for happy customers. My work is focused on people, supporting clients to create people-focused cultures and a great employee experience. I bring my empathetic, direct, authentic style and sense of humor to my work. I assist organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals to prepare for, adapt to, and overcome changes, both personal and organizational changes. My coaching work focuses on increasing self-awareness, identifying patterns and ways to shift perception and change behaviors to overcome obstacles and accelerate performance. Iā€™m an author on various topics of organization development and leadership. I hold a masters in organization development (MSOD) from American University and the NTL Institute. I am also a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF.) Iā€™m a dog lover, Caribbean junkie, artist, and quote addict. I live outside of Washington D.C. with my husband of 15 years and our 2 rescue dogs.

The last few months have been pretty eventful. Though I have been coaching for some time now, I finally decided to pursue my ICF accreditation. I graduated from an ICF coach training program in June. I loved my experience and enjoyed learning with a great group of people. Iā€™m continuing to hone my coaching skills and build my coaching practice while still doing change and transformation consulting work.

The end of June I was also published in my first book. I am a contributing author to š™š™š™š š™Žš™Ŗš™˜š™˜š™šš™Øš™Øš™›š™Ŗš™” š™Žš™„š™žš™§š™žš™©: š™š™¤š™„ š™‹š™šš™§š™›š™¤š™§š™¢š™šš™§š™Ø š™Žš™š™–š™§š™š š™Žš™šš™˜š™§š™šš™©š™Ø š™©š™¤ š™– š™’š™žš™£š™£š™žš™£š™œ š™ˆš™žš™£š™™š™Øš™šš™©. Now available on Amazon. The Successful Spirit is a book about focus, drive, and determination, but it is also a book about balance, mindfulness, and common-sense ways you can take control of your life by harnessing your inner spirit--the inner force that can help you reach your goals and excel at your highest level possible in business and in life. My chapter is all about š—®š˜‚š˜š—µš—²š—»š˜š—¶š—°š—¶š˜š˜†. How to access your authenticity to be you and bring you!

Thanks for the invitation to join GCA. I know several GCA members and look forward to getting to know more of you.

Scott Span, MSOD, CSM is a People Strategist, Leadership Coach, Change and Transformation Consultant, and CEO of Tolero Solutions: