Scholarship Program and Testimonials

Scholarship Program and Testimonials

The GCA is hopeful to run the scholarship program for 2019.

Stay tuned for further information about this.
Here are some more testimonials submitted from scholarship recipient testimonials from the 2018 GCA Conference. Thank you to those who submitted!:

justinbarton"As a newbie to the coaching community at large, the experience gave me a real feeling of purpose and possibility. I not only felt connected to a community that is loving and supportive and gifted, but I received so much value in the form of new tools and perspectives. The most important part of the conference was
to be connected with a unique and niche community with such a variety of skills and backgrounds. In addition, seeing everyone’s unique gifts expressed was inspiring. To receive training in addition to that was incredibly valuable. I’m still unpacking all of the inspired ideas that occurred because of the workshops throughout the weekend. I found the workshops to be extremely valuable in expanding my tools. The anti-networking workshop in particular helped shift my perspective on connecting with people on a deeper supportive level rather than transactional.

Prior to coming, I was primarily concerned with the timing and whether it might conflict with the training program I’m in. Upon deciding to attend however, I found this experience to not only compliment but contribute to the training program. The features that provided the greatest benefit to me were that we had workshops with tangible tools and takeaways provided so much value to me as a coach. The ability to connect with a community of gay coaches with such diverse backgrounds, skill sets and experiences offered even more of a sense of long-term professional and personal value.

I absolutely recommend this conference to anyone considering. This experience is one-of-a-kind and offers a combination of tools and community that’s truly valuable and will last far beyond the weekend itself."

- Justin Barton


greyjacks"Last year when I left the GCA 2017 event, I cried on my drive home because I was so moved to have met a group of gay men who I felt welcomed by and connected to. This year was even sweeter, as I was returning with my coaching certification and a ton of new learning. The workshop offerings were diverse, from what is coaching supervision to how to use Meetup groups. I walked away with an impressive amount of useful information, resources and connections. Each year I find that, overall, the GCA conference always leaves me shaped up in a positive way. In addition, the challenges of working as a coach are able to be aired among an extremely gifted group of loving men, who often have solutions. Reconnecting with all of the coaches who are drawn to this conference every year also gives me a great deal of energy that I carry home with me every time. For me, the people who attend are the most important part of this entire GCA conference. Connecting with more established coaches and seeing how they are shaping their coaching work after years at it is really helpful at this stage of my development of my own business. The highlights always tend to be the one on one connections with other smart, driven, gay professionals who are there to learn, but are also ready to give major support beyond this event as well. I had heartfelt connections with at LEAST 10 different people over the course of 4 days, which left me feeling inspired.

The various workshops really helped me iron out a number if ideas about my coaching business and how to advance it. There were a number of sessions where topics are being discussed that I’d been thinking about but not really understanding what moves to make until that moment. Coming back to the idea that all coaches are unique in the shaping of their practice, in every session I found information that was applicable to me now, and it has been useful reviewing my notes and moving some ideas into action. There are also numerous conversations happening each day that you can learn volumes from just by sitting and listening to coaches talk shop.

If the scholarship program continues next year I know I can find a DC based gay coach or two who would be right for the GCA and get them to attend. I hope to be able to connect gay coaches from my city to the GCA in the coming year. You all are an incredible resource and amazing community."

- Grey Jacks


"When thinking about the conference, I was concerned it wouldn’t be a valuable use of time or money. The scholarship dealt with the money part of my concern while the workshops and participants addressed my time concern. The experience was educational, connective, and energizing. Surprisingly, it helped me re-think my coaching practice.

The most important part was connecting with other coaches in varying stages of their practice. This allowed me to make connections for joint projects, learn how to best start my own business, and make connections for referrals down the road.

The most beneficial part came from the workshops and all the training on how to operate and enhance my coaching business. These workshops were extremely helpful to me given that I’m starting my coaching practice. The opportunity to network and bounce around some joint project ideas was very exciting and energizing.

One workshop was on “anti-networking.” I now use the anti-networking technique all the time. It has significantly enhanced my ability to reach out and network with others.

Would I recommend a starting coach (who knows nothing about the GCA)? Yes, definitely! I think the scholarship program was a good way to tip the balance in favor of attending, especially for someone like me who had no clear expectation. The experience was definitely worth it.

I was also impressed that the conference organizers allowed me the opportunity to present a workshop. I've had multiple individual requests for the information I presented."

- S. Mark Kennedy