New GCA Membership Price Structure Approved

New GCA Membership Price Structure Approved

The GCA executive committee has approved a new membership price structure for being a member of the Gay Coaches Alliance.

Recognizing that we have a wide spectrum of coaches who are or wish to be a part of our association, we have developed a new pricing structure that allows coaches at different levels to participate in the membership benefits of being part of the GCA.

Our membership runs a wide and fascinating range of coaches. Some of our members are world players with 6 figure salaries...while others are just starting their coaching practice or are working only part time as coaches.

I am happy to announce that you can now choose a membership level that suits your place on the coaching spectrum as well as your budget.


• PRO Quarterly •
The original membership level remains: $49.99 per quarter. This is now what we call the ”Pro” level.

In addition to our original membership level, there are now four new options:

• PRO Yearly •
Pay once a year instead of quarterly and get a 25% discount: $150 per year


• STANDARD quarterly •
$24.99 a quarter

• STANDARD yearly •
Pay once a year instead of quarterly and get a 25% discount: $75 per year

(NOT CURRENTLY A COACH BUT WANTING TO STAY INFORMED). This keeps you in the loop with email announcements but does not include other GCA membership privileges.

Cost is free


For full details visit the Membership Options page at:

Current members are welcome to change their membership to a different level.

Allen Siewert is happy to help you make this happen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We'll make the change and pro-rate your existing membership to match the new price.

Submitted by Allen Siewert