Kenneth Sergi

Kenneth Sergi
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Empowering Business & Government With High-Performing Sustainable Results


  • ICF Professional Certified Coach
  • Master trainer and T3
  • Accredited Enneagram Professional
  • Organization Development (“OD”) expert creating healthy sustainable companies where people love to work and outperform expectations


My company reflects my passion for empowering individuals and organizations to be authentic, and achieve positive, lasting, healthy change for themselves, their people, and their teams. My team and I care about creating healthy, high-performing, self-sustaining organizations. With four decades of experience and numerous awards helping leaders and organizations worldwide achieve greater success, I do this because I love helping people, and making your life a little better. As a senior Organization Development (“OD”) expert, master trainer/facilitator, instructional designer, and certified coach who has worked in diverse environments, industries, and government, I am uniquely able to help you identify blind spots with practical advice; and systemically address organizational systems that align people and develop processes with results that will always outperform expectations.