Arthur Patton-Hock

Arthur Patton-Hock
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Please welcome Arthur Patton-Hock to the Gay Coaches Alliance

Prize-winning higher-ed administrator/mentor with more than 25 years of experience coaching grad students and others in pursuit of their academic and post-academic objectives. I've helped undergraduates, grad school applicants, doctoral candidates, junior scholars, and career-changers. Only administrator to have been awarded a mentoring prize otherwise given to faculty. Motivated to listen and get to know you, clarify objectives, identify roadblocks, brainstorm success strategies, hold you accountable on execution, and re-tool as necessary. Ready to advise on topics such as course selection or a non-responsive advisor, challenges in funding or approaching an instructor for an exception/extension, pushing through procrastination or acknowledging that professional aspirations are changing. Offering support as you enter and navigate through varied job markets: academic, alt-ac, and non-academic. Proven ally to BIPOC and first-gen learners.