Anthony Andrews

Anthony Andrews
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I am a certified coach, trained in the tradition of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) - an approach that harnesses the power of your unconscious mind to overcome challenges in your everyday life. As a gay life coach, I personally know what it means to face down the challenges associated with being queer in a straight world.

Over my decade-long career, I have identified techniques, mindsets and beliefs that can help you achieve joy and fulfillment in your life. Before I started coaching, I worked as a journalist, specializing in in-depth features and documentaries for outlets like The Guardian, The Atlantic, NPR and Al Jazeera. I profiled countless people at their best and worst moments. In so doing, I gained a broad perspective of the arc of human lives: What allows them to achieve their goals and what commonly causes them to trip up. I found that each time one of my interviewees read an objective rendering of their lives, new insights were sparked that had previously felt unavailable to them. My coaching is geared at helping you get an /objective perspective on your life. Once you can do that, you are empowered to take more agency and steer yourself in a direction you actually want to go in