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Michael Kline

Michael Kline


I teach RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) to Coaches (36 ICF CCEs), Social Workers (27 NASW Credits), Therapists and other professionals. This ground-breaking technique easily reveals and dissolves hidden blocks with astonishing results.

I train and coach leaders Values-Based Leadership, as a Barrett Value Center Certified Consultant.

I train and coach Principles of Success, helping individuals and groups measure, manage and shift the beliefs and behaviors to create sustainable success.

My super-power is my ability to synthesize the work of assessment tools, success training and emotional intelligence to produce. I help leaders and teams tap into inner resources to quickly achieve positive outcomes, even in the most stressful and high pressure environments.

Whether your goal is to be a great sales person, a super-star athlete, to lose weight, become a better parent, buy your dream home or make millions of dollars, you will require a level of self-confidence, self-esteem and personal power to take action and produce the results you want. I'm here to help you flourish as you clarify and create the results you want and deserve.

Personally trained and certified by Jack Canfield, creator of the billion dollar Chicken Soup for the Soul brand, The Success Principles and countless success programs around the world.

Having a hand in the launch and growth of dozens of small businesses, my experience includes front line, middle management and executive in small and mid size companies in a wide variety of industries.