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Joseph Cannuscio

Joseph Cannuscio
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Holistic Life Coaching


I'm Joe, ICF certified Holistic Life Coach and Meditation Teacher with a background in Middle School and High School Education.

I am devoted to teaching teens and young adults how to use the power of their own minds to

  • build self-confidence
  • find their path
  • develop decision-making skills
  • overcome stressful barriers
  • maximize their potential

Fear, anger and low confidence dominated my life until my twenties, when I became interested in using my mind to get through my difficulties. I decided to spend one year in South Korea studying Buddhist Meditation. Through this practice, I began discovering the power of my own mind and learned how to use it to transform insurmountable obstacles into very attainable goals. Most importantly, I began to love the person that I am and believe in my own abilities.

It is my pleasure to partner with anyone who can benefit from the services that I provide.