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JoJo Bear

JoJo Bear

Please welcome JoJo Bear to the Gay Coaches Alliance


Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach


Hello, my name is JoJo and my life’s work is to teach individuals and couples how to "get out of their heads and into their bodies!" My main intention is to be of service to people anticipating change in the areas of sex, sexuality, intimacy and body image. The foundations of my work come from a place of agency, to assist with consent and setting boundaries. My work is an amalgamation of different modalities; however it is fundamentally about the pursuit of our relationship to pleasure.

My journey started as a young boy when I used to gather the other neighborhood boys in my basement and play silly games which always included me teaching something to them. My passion to teach others continued throughout my whole life. About 15 years ago I attended the Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Los Angeles and mastered the art of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and what intrigued me about hypnosis was the whole concept of the subconscious mind: the whole idea that we can create either negative or positive associations with something. Studying further I started to notice that we can create associations to pleasure around our body in regards to sex or how we see ourselves sexually. The concept that patterns and associations affect our physical bodies fascinates me. The mind/body connection and, particularly, how trauma, shame and even disassociation can impact our lives set me on the road towards somatic work.