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Dragan Mitric

Dragan Mitric
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Experienced Transformational Coach


I am here to help you unlock "the best you".
I believe that you can’t offer what you don’t have. I experienced pain, setbacks, being an outlier, many toxic relationships, and being stuck in my job and in life.
I am not perfect and don’t believe in perfection, I believe in a growth mindset of trial and error that leads to learning and growing. I absolutely believe in coaching, and I’ve seen its profound effects on my clients and myself.
I create a trusting space where I bring my presence, curiosity, support, and compassionate challenge to serve your transformation. I am passionate about embarking on this journey together with you.
Aside from my lifelong personal and professional transformations and years of Agile Coaching experience in the corporate world, I completed the Evidence-Based Coaching program at Fielding Graduate University and I am a certified coach.