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David Rackoff

David Rackoff
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Become Great On-Camera to Increase Your Sales

VId has years of experience as a professional leadership and camera coach, using his artistic and technical know-how to help hundreds of emerging leaders communicate more authentically and effectively online.

David “Vid” Rackoff is a director and writer for theater and film (including the feature film I Am Bad, written and directed by Vid, with a score by Harry Gregson-Williams, the BAFTA-winning composer of Shrek and the Narnia movies). The film won Best Horror Film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, and starred NCIS’s Pauley Perrette, Taylor Dayne, and Tony Award Winner for Rent Wilson Jermaine Heredia.

“Just be yourself” is a lot harder to do than it sounds! David has created Get Confident On-Camera with Vid so that online leaders can reach their full potential while having fun!

Now let’s get you moving toward your future!