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David Posner

David Posner
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Grow, Thrive, Live Deeply


Expert coaching and mentoring to realize your dreams, your path, your life.


Growth, on your own terms:

Coaching provides a forward-thinking, action-oriented environment for exploration and concrete change.
Here, you will expand your comfort zones, and become the person you came into this world to be.
You will build out your dreams, and put your thoughts into action.
Practical skills along with mindsets and creative ways to overcome blockages.


I am interested in your whole life, including these areas and more:

  • Wellness: your body, mind, and soul.
  • Facing the unforeseeable—with the guidance of your unique value system.
  • Relationships, dating. Loneliness. Sex and your world of erotic fulfillment.
  • “Adulting”: practical skills and mindsets for living responsibly.
  • Moving through stages of life—as an individual, and in relation to your tribe.
  • Work & career: developing and fulfilling aspirations.
    How you work and how you relate.
    Résumé, the search process — everything.