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Coach Maddox

Coach Maddox

Please welcome Coach Maddox to the Gay Coaches Alliance

Personal Power Coach


Maddox is his last name and what he goes by.

With a lifetime devoted to personal growth, combined with a 40 year history of providing personal services to clients as a beauty professional, Maddox parlayed his understanding of human behavior and effective listening and communication skills into a thriving coaching practice.  With several certifications and experience in community leadership, Maddox focuses on supporting gay men to be the most authentic version of themselves, so they can create deep and meaningful friendships with their fellow gay brothers.  He is an agent for powerful and positive change.


  • Deeper Self-Love
  • Training People How To Treat Us
  • Overcoming Negative Self-Talk and Limiting Beliefs
  • Artful Communication
  • Clear and Firm Boundaries
  • Compassionately Confronting People and Situations
  • Self-Care and Support
  • Connecting, Cultivating, and Maintaining Deep and Meaningful Friendships/Relationships

Loneliness and isolation are at epidemic proportions in the gay community.  Often, loneliness is associated with being a loser.  This perception can make it very difficult for men to seek the support they need.

"My journey to becoming an authentic gay man within my community has been very long and difficult.  I have struggled with this issue for most of my life.  It's only been in the last 3 years that I have experienced a massive shift in consciousness and developed a new mindset that has freed me from struggle.  I am able to show up more vulnerably and authentically, allowing me to foster deeper more meaningful friendships within my community.

Most of my life, I wanted to merely "fit in".  Now, I know there is a big difference between "fitting in" and truly "belonging".  To fit in, I had to carve parts of myself away.  When I belong, those around me accept me as I am.  Because I now live authentically, I have a deep sense of belonging that was never available to me before.

As a result of the work I have done around this issue, I am uniquely positioned to assist my gay brothers in making this same shift.”

Maddox has several coaching certifications and hosts The Authentic Gay Man Podcast, launching in January 2022.