Lab Managers Conference

Lab Managers Conference

Experimenting with the balance of consulting and coaching in a group setting, I conducted two workshops and presented an invited talk at the Association of Lab Managers Conference in Minneapolis in October.

In “Navigating the Financial Jungle to Communicate Value and Get Investment”, workshop participants learned and practiced financial and communication skills while receiving coaching towards aligning mindsets and changing beliefs within their organizations.

In “Engaging Employees to Improve Organizational Culture and Create Competitive Advantage”, workshop participants learned about the dynamics of corporate culture while receiving coaching and practice towards improving people engagement across a wide range of types of employees.

The invited talk, “It Takes a Village – Creating an Alternative Sourcing Strategy”, focused on the often overlooked relational aspects of open innovation in technology-based businesses and the importance of coaching within the innovation network.

It was such a pleasure to get to know workshop participants in a more authentic way through the incorporation of coaching into the workshop experience. Workshop participants left with a new community of colleagues they had grown to trust and can reach out to in the future for advice and feedback.