Hello from New GCA Member Etienne Lartigau

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Hello Community,

So happy and proud to be a part of this community, and I would like to thank you for the warm and welcoming emails many of you have sent me.

I thought I'd share a little more about me. For those who have visited my website, you probably saw my relatively recent story with coaching. You also may have noticed a link to my photography site. Yes, in my previous life I was a photographer, and to this day, when I'm not coaching, I'm traveling and capturing memories with my camera, too.

When I came to the US, gosh! 10 years ago already, I landed in NY and was fascinated by the city! I took pictures of everything! I remember seeing things for the first time with my virgin eyes, filled with surprise and admiration. I wished the surprise would last forever, but sadly faded after settling down. I guess it happens to all of us. This is why awareness and living in the moment are so important, we should never lose those innocent eye.

Shortly after, I met my future husband (and now ex-husband), Dan, whom I still love today. He is my best friend. Dan and I connected over our love for the adventure and our curiosity for the unknown. We had the luxury of traveling a lot, even though there was very little luxury in our travels!
Indeed, it was very frugal, traveling on a shoe string… but It was a great way to better explore what later became my country, post naturalization. We flew to Hawaii, from learning how to surf in Waikiki Oahu to the volcano of the Big Island, from the waterfalls of Kauai to the volcanic shores of Maui. We flew to Puerto Rico, from the colorful San Juan to the isolated beaches of Vieques. We went on road trips through Tennessee: America at its best, then the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, from the strip of Las Vegas to the rims of the Grand Canyon. We witnessed sunshines and hurricanes in Florida, and tasted factory Ben & Jerry Ice cream and snow from the stunning mountains in Vermont. This is just to name a few.

The eye has to travel and in my case, so does the camera lense. It was a great time in both our lives! And the journey continues.

Today, although divorced from Dan, I am in a very loving relationship with Tom, we are proud parents of a beautiful 5 month-old baby girl: Arielle. As I'm writing these words, Tom, Arielle and I are traveling to Cleveland, OH to see family. I am in an RV on the Colorado roads. Our alternative to flying due to Covid-19.

I am extremely happy to continue exploring these beautiful landscapes, some for the first time, through my own eyes, or through my daughter's eyes. I am grateful to remain curious, and grateful to take time to connect with family, friends along the way, and locals in every city and state I cross.

I am including some of my favorites images, from Utah, Puerto Rico and New York, and will soon update you with new pictures from this trip. Feel free to visit y website to see more. EtienneLartigau.com

I hope you are all staying safe and strong! Love to all!

Thank you!