GCA Conference Presenter Acknowledgements

GCA Conference Presenter Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the presenters for contributing their talent, time and energy to sharing their gifts with the men of the conference. The feedback from participants was wonderful, and participants often struggled with deciding which workshops to attend!

There was a diverse array of workshops offered that included ways to diversity your business, how to improve your personal and professional awareness and intuition, public speaking skills, creative and unique engagement interventions, as well as ways to expand our knowledge and skill as coaches.

The theme of inclusion was well integrated into each of the workshops. We introduced un-conference sessions into the programming, which allowed participants to create workshops on topics that mattered to them. Participants brainstormed and created 4 workshops that were participant led. What conference leaders discovered is that there is a strong desire and need for community building and connection as coaches.

The un-conference workshops created were around building connection, asking and receiving physical touch, the gay experience, shaping attraction, and the vital role of being an elder in the community. The conference could not have been the experience that it was without the support and willingness of the presenters.

We would like to thank the following individuals for taking initiative to create and facilitate these unconference workshops:

  • Alexander Noor
  • Patrick Boze
  • Joseph Casan
  • Gregory Skalney
  • Brian Gorman
  • Bernie Kettle


A special thanks to the facilities committee for their work coordinating the needs of the conference.

Thank You to the following Men:

  • Joseph Casan
  • Douglas Moffett
  • Shane Scott
  • Brian Gorman


Also, a special thanks to the following individuals for their workshops:

  • Enhancing Your Practice and Life with Social/Emotional Intelligence and EQ - Terry Hildebrandt and Tim Kincaid
  • Change it Up and Story and the Three Brains - Brian Gorman
  • Five Challenges of Coaching - Jeff Moore
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Acknowledgement - Terry Hildebrandt
  • Creative approaches to Group or Individual Approaching - Thomas Greaney
  • How to Stand Up and Deliver your Message with Confidence - Chris Cooper
  • Self-care and the Helper - Shane Scott
  • We’re in this Together: Group Coaching - Jeff Nally
  • Engaging Spiritual Wisdom in Secular Coaching - Adam Robersmith
  • The Power of Full Engagement with Tom Keydel


As you will notice when looking at the titles of these workshops, there was a richness in what each of these men brought to the mountain for this special conference.

We would also like to thank Grey Jacks and his band The Grey A for their special evening musical performance, plus Tim Cooley for yoga and massage workshops and Tom Keydel for meditation sessions.


--submitted by the 2020 GCA Conference Organizing Committee