GCA Conference Presenter Acknowledgements

GCA Conference Presenter Acknowledgements

Thank You to the following Men:

  • Joseph Casan
  • Douglas Moffett
  • Shane Scott
  • Brian Gorman


Also, a special thanks to the following individuals for their workshops:

  • Enhancing Your Practice and Life with Social/Emotional Intelligence and EQ - Terry Hildebrandt and Tim Kincaid
  • Change it Up and Story and the Three Brains - Brian Gorman
  • Five Challenges of Coaching - Jeff Moore
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Acknowledgement - Terry Hildebrandt
  • Creative approaches to Group or Individual Approaching - Thomas Greaney
  • How to Stand Up and Deliver your Message with Confidence - Chris Cooper
  • Self-care and the Helper - Shane Scott
  • We’re in this Together: Group Coaching - Jeff Nally
  • Engaging Spiritual Wisdom in Secular Coaching - Adam Robersmith
  • The Power of Full Engagement with Tom Keydel


As you will notice when looking at the titles of these workshops, there was a richness in what each of these men brought to the mountain for this special conference.

We would also like to thank Grey Jacks and his band The Grey A for their special evening musical performance, plus Tim Cooley for yoga and massage workshops and Tom Keydel for meditation sessions.


--submitted by the 2020 GCA Conference Organizing Committee