From Harry Faddis, GCA Board President

From Harry Faddis, GCA Board President

Our biggest news at the GCA is our steady increase in membership;  we are now up to 83 men and I join with the Board in extending a warm welcome to all the new men.

For those who have been members for a long time, many thanks to you all for staying with us when our membership was under 50; and, if you’ve joined in the last few years, we are very pleased to have you.

The theme of my column is COLLABORATION.

During the last 9 years we have hosted a Gay Coaches Conference in May at The Easton Mountain Retreat Center. One of the long-lasting benefits of this conference was that, in meeting and in fellowship with other coaches, many avenues of collaboration were discovered. It seems easier to create the  environment for this to happen in person, but there are also many opportunities for this to happen on zoom calls.

The latest news about collaboration is the recent announcement of the GCA Book. If you did not attend the monthly call, please listen to the recording of the announcement on that call. The link for information is We look forward to your participation.

Stay tuned for the announcements about the remaining monthly calls from Allen.

Please join us on the second Thursday of each month, 4:00 to 5:30 Eastern Time.


Harry Faddis

President, GCA Board.