Facilitating and Facilitating Videos

An update on my coaching work.

Rather than individual coaching sessions, the bulk of my coaching work and use of those skills these days are being applied through my teaching and facilitating groups.   The themes of these workshops and classes are about stress reduction, embodiment, consciousness, and connection through touch. 

So, I have a few updates that I am very excited about!

  • I will be co-facilitating a workshop called "Soulful Touch and Movement" at Boston's Living Soulfully event on Sunday, March 1st, 6-8pm, 45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain, MA.
  • My "Soulful Touch" workshop now officially has the required registrations to be a go!  March 12- March 15th at Easton!  More info is available at:

Lastly, and very exciting for me, is that I have started creating very short videos that show me teaching and facilitating. I have wanted to expand my facilitating for a while, especially locally here in Boston, and to have tools to share my work effectively.  Apparently, more than written ads, short videos are the best way now to promote one's skills and services.

Here is the first in the series. It shows me leading an exercise in "Conscious Hugging", and is only 90 seconds long!  (thanks to Freddy Freeman, the marketing director at Easton Mountain, for filming and editing this):


Perhaps this may also inspire you to make short coaching videos to help promote your coaching practice!