Empowerment through Deep Relaxation

Empowerment through Deep Relaxation

In 2021, I taught 2-3 classes/week in Guided Deep Relaxation.

In 2021, I taught 2-3 classes/week in Guided Deep Relaxation. I guess you could call it "Relaxation Coaching". Most of us don't really know how to relax. We seem to constantly be on our laptops, devices, phones, etc. And every time a text comes in, we are trained to look at it and respond right away. Our nervous systems are often on high alert from modern technology. From teaching this class over 150 times this year, I repeatedly saw the value in participants simply slowing down, relaxing, resting, and doing "nothing" except breathing, listening and receiving (which really is not nothing)

I have also learned through my own teaching to notice and catch my speeding up, my anxiety, and to stop myself, slow my speech rate down, and take more pauses. Pauses and silence are one of the key teachings our coaching teacher, Damian Goldvarg, taught in our coaching program. This makes anything more powerful. Faster is not always better. And I do apply this with coaching clients to help them to get more present and to access aspects of their minds and bodies to help them connect to their own answers and shifts.

I teach two weekly classes through a gay men's organization and also a class open to the general public on Sundays at 11am Eastern. To see the upcoming schedule, go to:

If any of you wish to attend, you can let me know that you are a member of the GCA and your first class is free. I would love to see you there and share this simple yet powerful skill.

Here's to a healthy and relaxing 2022 (relaxation by choice).

Arnie Katz, ACC