A Message from the Board President

A Message from the Board President

Dear GCA Members,
In harmony with the theme of the harvest/thanksgiving season, thanks to all the GCA Members for your faithful enthusiasm for the mission of the GCA: that is, to grow the number of gay coaches and to increase the number of gay men who hire coaches. We have a lot to offer each other, our communities, and our nation.
It seems an appropriate time to express our gratitude to Arnie Katz for faithfully producing the newsletter every month (editor--almost every month ;)  in such a way that it is welcoming to all members who wish to participate.
We have a dedicated Board  (Executive Committee) who meet every month to guide this alliance in being clear about our mission and how we are expressing it. These men are: Patrick Boze (Treasurer), Brian Gorman, Terry Hildebrandt (Secretary), Tim Kincaid, Adam Robersmith,  Garry Schleifer (Vice-President). And our IT Manager is Allen Siewert, who is the first one to welcome new members.
 executive committee

executive committee

And, thanks to Allen and the special invitations of our alliance, we have 90 members; if you were to check them out, you would find a large range of talent and diversity. We especially welcome the most recent members:  Patrick Buckley, Jerry Kajpust, Brian Westley, Peter Godard, Michael Kline, Don Eash, John Volturo, Patrick Buckley and Rev. Jason Carson Wilson.


One thing I am praying for is for your health and well-being as well as some good news about the epidemic so that we might be able to meet face to face next May at the annual conference. Meanwhile, our hard-working planning committee will be presenting a winter conference in cyber space. These planners are Chris Cooper, Peter Simmonds, and Patrick Boze. 
I am very grateful to all of you for being a part of our adventure.
Harry Faddis
President, GCA Board of Directors