A message from our board president

A message from our board president

On behalf of the Board of the GCA, I send you our sincere greetings for the New Year, and may your lives continue to be enriched by the work you are doing in the world.

Our first call of the year is on Thursday, January 9th, and we hope you’ll be able to join in. Allen Siewert will be having an important conversation with Frank Strona and how to make use of social media in our work.

Please visit the website for updates on the GCA Conference (April 30-May 3, 2020). The planners (Chris Cooper, Shane Scott, and Peter Simmonds) are hard at work and offering news on a regular basis. Please contact Peter if you’d like to be a presenter.

As you know, I live here at Easton Mountain and we are happy to be the hosts for this conference. In May, we will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary, officially over the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. All of us look forward to giving you a warm welcome in May.

Take good care of yourselves and help each other.



Harry Faddis
GCA Board President