Soulful Touch Spring, 2020

Hi folks! In the last newsletter, I mentioned that a new Soulful Touch workshop will be happening next Spring at Easton. Well, the dates have been secured. It will be Thursday, March 12 - Sunday, March 15. This will be my 6th full-length workshop at Easton, in addition to leading many classes at Easton over the last five years.


My workshop focus heavily on touch and massage, because that is the foundation of my career. However, I also apply my coaching skills in how I work with participants to help draw out their gifts, strengths and to work through barriers to being present and receiving touch and connection.

If you have any gay male clients who may be looking for a touch immersion weekend as part of their growth and healing, they can get more info at:

I am grateful to do this work, and to have the opportunity to share it here.


Arnie Katz, LMT, ACC
Licensed Massage Therapist
ACC certified professional coach