Survey results are in.


We want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s survey.  The results are both interesting and informative – there were 23 responses. 

Surprisingly, nine responses were from people who had never attended a GCA Conference while fourteen responses were from past participants.

The TOP TWO areas of focus that members wanted to see included:  “Skill development and practice” and “Expanding the network and making new and deeper connections.”

Following closely, after that, was “Building your business/practice,” “Trends in the coaching profession,” and “Learning more about the latest coaching research.”

When asked: “What would make the conference every more beneficial?”

The top three responses were:  “More applied theory (to highlight what I’m already doing or to teach me something new),” “More experiential depth (via greater practice or greater sharing),” and “More skills practice (via direct observation or active coaching).”

FOUR members expressed an interest in submitting a Workshop proposal (and we DO hope members will think carefully about this opportunity since there are many benefits that members get from trying to develop workshop content).  The call for proposals will take place early in January and will run from Jan through to the first week in March. 

The topics which members identified included:

  • Leadership Circle/Enneagram
  • Coaching from the Gay/Queer Lens
  • Somatic Practices
  • Coaching presence and how to enhance the “On” Camera work
  • Hybrid modalities of body-based practices and coaching
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Expanding Coaching in Corporations
  • Ontological coaching
  • The contagion of connection - why networking implicates us all
  • Anything that covers "Unlearning."



Regarding LAST YEAR’s conference and the one-day Pre-Conference Institute:
Most comments were strongly positive; however, given the sample of previous attendees we are not trying to pat ourselves on the back too much.

Regarding THIS year’s one-day Pre-Conference Institute:

The title “The Makeover Day” was preferred

The content that respondents wanted to see most included: “Learn about the three branding rules that apply to everyone” and “Why the gay way is the new way to network and connect.”

Other close seconds included: “Relish the moment; it’s not the elevator speech it’s relishing what YOU have to offer,” and “Learn how to hold the coaching space and build connection when you feel drained.”

The executive committee is busy at work trying to identify a potential member who might like to run the one-day Pre-Conference Institute – so hold on – more information to come.

Thank you again to everyone who participated!