Brian Gorman

Guiding You to Successfully Navigate Even the Most Difficult Change

For more than fifty years, change has been at the heart of GCA member Brian Gorman’s life. On December 6, Brian will be presenting the key lessons he has learned on the stage of TEDx Hartford. The event is currently scheduled to be live at the H...

Over the course of our lives, change is a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual disruptor. From our earliest memories to our death, change is a part of life. While some changes are small and almost imperceptible, others are life-altering. Yet...

One of my key marketing strategies is to conduct workshops...

ICF NY and ICF LA are putting on a joint webinar in June. The topic is about coaching in the LGBTQ community.

How do you make the coaching magic happen so your clients maximize their personal and professional potential?

As coaches, we often practice on our own, and we tend to try to market ourselves on our own. While this can bring success, I have found another approach that is incredibly powerful.

Sherpas guide clients through their “unique, unpredictable, and dangerous adventures".

You never know where your coaching might take you.